Hurricane Resistant Storefronts

There are a lot of “standard” hurricane resistant storefronts available for use in the coastal regions where they are a requirement. But, “standard” usually does not work for your design intent. Let us help you maintain your brand's look, even in a hurricane zone. IMS has successfully passed the various hurricane resistance tests required for NOA approval - with a custom storefront system! You don't have to be limited to the “standard” aluminum systems. The testing requirements to achieve approval for a hurricane resistant system can be intimidating and lengthy. IMS is familiar with the approval process and can help you through from design to approval and on through construction. Work with IMS to create a storefront system that meets your needs and Miami-Dade County's requirements.

Slow motion video of a large missile impact test on a custom steel storefront system. This video is the impact at the center of the glass pane. The piece of wood is launched at the targeted spot on the glass at 50 feet per second! This is just ONE of the many tests required to achieve approval.

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